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In addition to the standard Green Certification level,  firms/offices that want to expand their sustainability practices can apply for Green+ Certification. This advance level requires firms to quantify their successes. Along with the standard recycling and energy savings requirements, one of the Green+ criteria requires a firm to document a 10% energy savings from a baseline year of its choosing and to demonstrate a continuing downward trend in usage after that (per capita)

To have your firm/office CMBA Green+ Certified for the current certification years of 2015-2017, a firm/office contact or administrator must demonstrate that the firm/office is in compliance with the established criteria below. Please complete this online form or email your submission to

Certified firms/offices will be recognized by way of a certificate at the David Webster Greener Way to Work luncheon held each fall and will be listed on the CMBA’s website.


Green+ Certification Criteria

A.) Efforts to reduce per capita paper use (a commitment to do 4 of the following 5 must be made)


B.) Submit documentation of a 10% reduction in per capita energy use from a baseline year designated by the applicant and commit to track energy usage for the two year certification period to document a continuing downward trend in per capita energy use each year. (Click here for suggestions on how to reduce energy usage):


C.)The existence (or formation) of a firm/office program for recycling glass, plastic, e-waste products (toner cartridges, computers, etc) and other items. (For a list of recyclable materials, visit the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District.)

Yes, we comply.