Public Resources

The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association is committed to:
Professionalism: Respect for the rule of law and the promotion of integrity, civility, and ethical conduct.
Excellence: Promotion of the highest standards in the practice of law and execution of the mission of the CMBA.
Justice For All: Promotion of a fair, efficient and competent system of justice for all citizens.
Inclusiveness: Promotion of inclusiveness and diversity within the profession, justice system and community.

The CMBA can help you...

Find an Attorney

The CMBA's Lawyer Referral Service connects you to a qualified attorney.  Our experienced and friendly coordinators will match you with an attorney that fits your needs. You can request a referral by phone at 216-696-3532 or online at

Learn About Our Justice System

The CMBA’s Citizens Legal Academy is a civics education program to inform and engage the public in Greater Cleveland through free public forums conducted by local attorneys and judges who will address “hot button” legal topics such as election law, immigration, consumer protection, domestic relations, foreclosure, criminal law, and others. One goal of the Academy is to increase public knowledge of and appreciation for the judicial system and the roles of attorneys and judges.

Find Resources

The CMBA and our member attorneys aim to assist members of the community through several community and outreach programs. Our Justice for All Committee sponsors these programs and provides a list of opportunities available.

Learn About A Career in Law

The CMBA is a national leader in diversity and inclusion programs for students interested in learning more about the legal profession.  Our Diversity and Inclusion Programs  are open to high school, college and law students throughout the Cleveland area.

Solve a Disagreement with Your Lawyer

The CMBA's Certified Grievance Committee accepts and investigates ethical complaints against attorneys.  The Committtee provides a list of frequently asked questions and forms for filing a complaint.  Additionally, the Lawyer-Client Fee Dispute Committee handles disagreements between clients and attorneys over fees.