Racial Equity Now

The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association has accepted the challenge to be a force for positive, permanent change in our justice system. After hearing from many of its members and hosting a variety of community conversations regarding the need for ongoing reform, CMBA is inviting all of its members and others across the Greater Cleveland community to answer the call for collective action.

Hear from some of our leaders about the critical importance of this effort:

Our collective work will have four overarching priorities: 

  1. Dismantle systemic and negotiated racism at the local, state and federal levels, which will involve reviewing existing legislation and regulations that may unfairly impact people of color or place unequal burdens on certain communities, in addition to proposing revised and/or new legislation and regulation.
  2. Continue to advocate for reform within our criminal justice system from operation of the Cuyahoga County Jail and future Justice Center, to pushing for continued bail/bond reform, and serving as a watchdog for the Cleveland Police Monitoring Team.
  3. Promote and grow white allyship by convening workshops, providing tool kits both to guide individual learning and growth, and to assist law firms, agencies and other businesses in the review of their organizational practices so they can affirmatively eliminate barriers and improve opportunities for people of color.
  4. Interrupt the Legal Profession's Systemic Inequities by further measuring our diversity and inclusion benchmarks, empowering legal entities with practical tools to improve, and launching the Cleveland Legal Inclusion 2020 Plan to increase the retention and advancement of both diverse and women attorneys and legal professionals in Greater Cleveland.

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